Ariadne Forum: The Future of Mobility

Ariadne Forum: New Mobility – Future Trends

It has taken only a few years to make urban journeys more convenient in many cities. Innovation brings self-driving cars, electric vehicles, in-vehicle data connectivity, carsharing (e.G. Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin in Germany), and other technologies to more people. Getting around cities will become easier, faster, and safer. We will have integrated door to door solutions.
Such improvements could help cut the costs of traffic congestion (about 1% of GDP globally), road accidents (1.25 million deaths in 2015), and air pollution.
What does it mean to our companies? Are we prepared to keep up with these new challenges? Do we have in mind what the change will mean to our business in 2030?

Smart Cities, smart Technology, smart Infrastructure, Smart Factory as well as smart materials and Clouds will change our daily live and the global daily live faster than any industrial revolution before.

In our Ariadne Forum we will focus on these topics, talk about Visions and goals and share and discuss Future trends in our business with CEO’S from similar companies and Experts.



Bild: Martin Böer