About us and 7 service fields

We have a team of highly qualified trainers and consultants as well as experts for specified fields.

Our goal is to provide you with solide knowledge, techniques and strategies and improve your communication skills that you can grow your business or organization.

Our core competence is communication. We have specialized in 7 service fields. Take advantage of our 20 years of experience in organizational consulting, leadership training, intercultural communication, European negotiation, political marketing and speech events.

Our goal is to benefit you!

Our 7 service fields

1. Organizational consulting (make the best use of all resources available by organizing them in the most logical and advantageous structural organization)

Status quo analysis
Strategy development
Assistance while you are implementing

2. Leadership training (In-house and open seminars for industry and public sector)

a. Tailored leadership training to develop the ability to manage effectively
b. Understand the difference between management and leadership.
c. Evaluate the skills needed for leadership.
d. Encourage employees to develop leadership talents
e. Business coaching

3. Intercultural communication

a. Cultural awareness
b. Cultural diversity
c. International negotiation

4. European Negotiation (Seminar designed for delegates of the EU Council) The objective of this seminar is to introduce the participants to basic procedural mechanisms in European and multilateral negotiations:

a. Practise the basics of negotiation “à l’européenne”.
b. Be aware of the basic rules of a goal-orientated and fair negotiation strategy.
c. Find a strategy for mutually acceptable win-win plus© agreements.

The seminar covers also the European Council’s rules of procedure, the role of the Commission in the negotiations as well as the Presidency’s role.

5. Media production

a. Image films
b. Commercials
c. Documentaries

6. Political marketing

a. Election campaign strategies
b. Communication strategies
c. Media consulting

7. Motivational speakers

Find the ideal speaker for any event – seminars, dinners or conferences – we can help!